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Mental Health Treatment Types

Mental health conditions are often a cause of drug abuse or develop from addiction. The problem with a dual diagnosis is that you must obtain treatment for addiction and mental health. When you are looking for

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Substance abuse and mental health conditions are often interrelated. In many cases, drug abuse will cause a condition to develop, which requires appropriate treatment to reduce the risk of a relapse.

About Mental Rehab

Mental Health Rehab

If an addiction to drugs or alcohol has left your or a loved one struggling with mental health concerns, then it might be time to find a rehab facility that is capable of managing the dual diagnosis. A mental health problem that develops after taking drugs or was a key cause of substance abuse for self-medicating purposes can complicate the treatment process. Fortunately, can help you find the right treatment center to handle your mental health and substance abuse.

Services of Mental Rehab

The services provided by are related to finding the best facility to treat your addiction or the addiction of a loved one. Since you are struggling with two conditions, your treatment must focus on both problems to reduce your risk of relapsing on the drugs or alcohol in the future. offers a referral service that provides you with a place to start when you need help overcoming an addiction. After you call or fill out the form, you are matched to a facility that provides personalized treatment options that will work with solving a dual diagnosis.

Treatment in the Facilities

Although the workshops and special activities within a rehab facility can vary, you will see some common features within different facilities. strives to match you with the best fit facility to treat mental health conditions and addiction, so you can expect the rehab center to provide counseling services and cognitive behavioral treatment.

Counseling services in the facility can offer two basic options: one-on-one counseling and group therapy. Both options will focus on finding the underlying cause of your addiction and help guide you in finding solutions that help you avoid substance abuse. In the case of a dual diagnosis, the counseling will also provide you with the tools you need to get the mental health condition under control.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a type of psychological treatment that is used in addiction and mental health services. The treatment is designed to help you recognize destructive behaviors and adjust the actions to form healthier habits. It also helps you understand the mental health condition and learn better ways to cope with the problem.

Fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol is complicated when a mental health condition also develops. It is tempting to self-medicate by using substances that ultimately make the problem worse. Fortunately, can refer you to an appropriate treatment facility to get addiction and mental health problems under control. To learn more about the referral service or get help for an addiction, call or fill out the form today.

“Being a heroin addict stripped away every good thing in my life—my friends, my children, my job, my happiness and my well-being. I never thought I would find relief and I honestly assumed that I would die from my addiction one day. After coming very close to death on several occasions, I finally decided to reach out to professionals who could help me deal with my problems, including the mental illness behind my addiction. A friend suggested that I use a referral service so I went to

Ever since entering my treatment facility, my life has taken a complete turn for the better. I still struggle with my heroin addiction, and mental illness, but I have been clean for more than a month now and each day gets easier.

The treatment program that I found through the referral service gives me customized care and pays close attention to what works for me and what doesn’t. They have helped me face my fears and get through the worst parts of withdrawal. It feels like the people around me truly care about whether I succeed and that level of caring pushes me to remain strong and make it through another day without drugs. I honestly believe the decision to get helped saved my life.”